Monday, 1 October 2012

How It Works

The idea for this group is that a topic/area of study for revision will be decided (ideally by voting, but initially most likely by the admins). A revision document will then be posted on the blog with a few relevant MCQs for you to try 2- 3 days before the desginated date and time for discussion. When it reaches discussion time, we'll log on to twitter and get the discussion going with all tweets marked with the #twitfrg hashtag. Everyone is welcome to join in, and there's no such thing as a stupid question! We hope that by releasing the revision document early, it gives everyone time to do a bit of their own revision and the questions so that everyone gets as much out of the discussion as possible. We'll discuss the answers to the MCQs and how we arrived at them, and also try and answer queries as we go along. We'll then post a transcript of the discussion on the blog afterwards (as soon as I work out how to do that). Fingers crossed this will be a valauble revision tool for all involved!

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