How twitfrg Works

The idea for the group is each week to hold a real time case based discussion. We tweet a few reminders beforehand, with the title of this week's case, and when it reaches discussion time, we'll log on to twitter and get the discussion going with all tweets marked with the #twitfrg hashtag.

Everyone is welcome to join in (it is targeted at soon-to-be Junior Doctors, though), and there's no such thing as a stupid question! We hope that by giving you a few hints as to what the case might be heading towards, everyone gets as much out of the discussion as possible. We'll discuss the case from history, through examination and then on to investigations, diagnosis and management; as well as the reasoning behind our decisions related to those cases, and also try and answer queries as we go along. We'll then post a transcript of the discussion using Storify afterwards.

The twitter discussion runs on THURSDAYS at 8PM (GMT - as we're based in the UK). All tweets involved should contain the hashtag #twitfrg.

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