Tuesday, 2 October 2012

9th October 2012

On Tuesday (9/10/12), we will post up the first set of revision notes and questions for discussion on Thursday 11th October at 7pm (GMT). For our first week, we've chosen general practice as the area for revision. The notes will contain a list of key examinations you should think about revising, key conditions you should have a knowledge of as well as more detailed notes on some of the most common presentations and conditions you would see in a general practice setting as well as ones that we're likely to be expected to know for finals. The revision notes will also have a set of revision questions at the end for you to have a go at ready for Thursday's discussion. The document will be available on this blog by 10pm on Tuesday and should hopefully be available for you to download in a variety of formats (at least a Microsoft Word file and PDF).

On Thursday, we'll kick the discussion off on twitter (using the hashtag #twitfrg for all tweets) and go through the questions one by one, with people giving their reasoning behind their answers, followed by us @twitfrg giving the "correct" answer and our reasoning for it. We'll then hopefully have a discussion of any points people wanted to raise about the notes/topics/questions and take suggestions for the following week's topics.

The days we release the document and have the discussion are temporary at the moment - if they suit most people then we'll keep them, or if everyone votes otherwise, we'll change them to suit people better.

If you would like to contribute questions or revision notes for this week or future weeks, or would like to help out with proofreading or building us a proper website (or help in any other way you can think of!) please get in touch via our email address: twitfrg@gmail.com or tweet us @twitfrg.

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  1. Sounds great! All of general practice in a twitter chat!